Calendar of Events

Tavern Nights

Join us every Sunday evening (8pm EST) for a night of lighthearted RP.

Come hang out in our Mo's Tavern and have a stout ale and a hearty meal while you discuss your adventures and plans with your comrades...

Looking for a little more action? Stop downstairs to The Rainbow Room and see what's happening in the club! Dancing... entertainers... who knows? If the stage is empty talk to the bar manager about giving an impromptu performance.

Or if you'd prefer a more relaxing evening you are always welcome to take your drinks and your meal outside to our Biergarten. Enjoy the calm atmosphere and fabulous view from our willow shrouded tables.

Our outdoor Hingan Baths are open every evening. Feel free to relax in the intimate setting of our wisteria shrouded Hingan tubs. Clean towels are provided. You are welcome to bring your drinks with you, but please keep the food to the tables.

Join us on Discord to catch event updates and to tune in to our music channel.

Mateus Munch

Join us the second Saturday of the month, 11PM (EST), to meet and greet fellow gourmet enthusiasts.

Patrons will enjoy a small tasting menu of unique drinks and tapas, compliments of hosts.

Mateus Munch features a new theme and menu every month. So put on your finest theme-wear and come out for an evening of good food and better company!

Click on the link below for more details.

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